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Atisazan specializes in offering complete package of business and management consultancy services to aspiring foreign investors to set up and enhance their business venture in Iran. After decades of national marketing experience, we are confident that we can help every potential international manufactures, traders, real-estate developers, exporters, importers, corporations and organizations to find a reliable and secure market in this country. We also help the investors with providing market entry strategy consultancy services, which helps them get into Iran’s market. Our company guides the new companies to invest in profitable business ventures and search for right partners to work as their joint ventures. We help our clients to understand Iran’s market needs through SWOT analysis. We also evaluate other possible business entry options like liaison office, opening subsidiary and branch office, based on customer's particular business requirements.
Our complete business and management consultancy services package helps budding organizations execute, govern and measure their portfolios in order to improve their business performances. Our qualified and experienced consultant team also provides necessary guidance, support and resources to investors to expand their business. Our Business Expansion consultancy services are based on careful market analysis and effective strategies.
We help our clients to find a representative office facility during their "in transit period" and in the process of their office setting up, all through Iran. In addition, we also support our clients in organizing their manpower.
We believe the guaranty for every organization’s success is activity and knowledge, experience and ambition; we define ourselves as below:

Forerunner in management, engineering and industrial services with an aim to extent organizational activities.

Consultation, education and research in different fields for corporation and organization.

Atisazan Corporation started its activities in different fields of consultation, education and research, leaning on professors and professional knowledge and using new worlds techniques with strong faith and will.
Our lineup and general guidelines for our services consist of:

  • Hiring expert staff
  • Educating and updating staff’s knowledge
  • Costumer’s satisfaction as the final goal
  • Continuous improvement in customer services
  • Establishing quality management system in providing customer service
  • Qualitative and quantitative development in organizational activities


Our team

Babak Samanian

Marketing Manager

Maryam Afshar

Research and Development Manager

Reza Samanian

International Relations Manager

Faezeh Ahmadi

Commercial Manager

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